Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening

Skate sharpening is critical to every athlete’s performance on the ice. Each skater's unique foot and stride impacts how the skater glides along the surface of the ice. The most effective skate sharpening service will not only focus on how sharp the blade is, but the unique physiology and build of the skater, how often they take to the ice, and their personal performance goals. At The Skate Lab we strive to understand each skater and provide them with the optimal, customized blade sharpening to increase their performance. Improper or dull skates can have an effect on speed, grip, rocker of the blade, and how sharp your skates feel when you are skating. This can impact your performance and can increase your risk of falls and injury.

The Importance Of Regular Skate Sharpening

From beginners to seasoned competitive figure skaters, ice skates that are sharpened correctly are critical for safety and performance. Proper and regular care of your blade will also lengthen the lifespan of your skates. Here are some of the reasons to ensure that your skate blades are sharpened regularly:

  1. Safer Stopping: A skate blade that is properly sharpened will keep you safe from collisions by allowing you to stop quickly on the ice.
  2. Enhanced Grip: A sharper blade will grip the ice better than a worn, dull one. This will make turns and landings easier.
  3. More Control: Figure skates that are sharpened to optimize your unique physiology and stride will provide the highest levels of control as you advance your skill and technique.
  4. Performance Consistency: Your performance can be affected as your skates become duller. A regular schedule of skate sharpening will keep you at peak performance every time you hit the ice.

The Value Of Advanced Skate Sharpening Technologies
The key to peak performance and safety is not just about the schedule of your skate sharpening, but also about the technical accuracy and advanced technologies that can customize your blade profile to your unique skating practice and performance goals. There are many factors that can influence the optimal blade sharpening profile for you including:

  • Skill Level
  • Height And Weight
  • Rink Ice Conditions
  • Personal Preference

At The Skate Lab, we are committed to understanding you as a skater (from recreational and beginner to advanced competitive) and recommending the most ideal sharpening strategy for you. Our advanced sharpening technologies allow us to completely tailor every aspect of your skate blade including your grind, edges, and radius of hollow (ROH) to keep you safe and to adapt with you as your style and skills evolve.

Delivering The Industry’s Top Brands To Alberta Figure Skaters

The Skate Lab is committed to bringing the industry’s top purveyors of figure skating boots and blades, apparel, and accessories. We also bring to market the most advanced technologies for figure skate sharpening and rotational training. Explore our exclusive brand partnerships and the carefully curated supply partners of the Skate Lab.

High Performance Figure Skates At The Skate Lab

Gain the competitive advantage with the specialized knowledge, custom-fit boots and blades, and personalized service at The Skate Lab. As Alberta’s only dedicated figure skating retailer, we deliver the industry’s top figure skating technologies and the most trusted brands to the figure skating community. Our staff are accomplished skaters and experienced and qualified coaches committed to providing a unique and comprehensive skate fitting and maintenance experience for skaters of all ages and skills. Visit the expert team at The Skate Lab and level up your skating.

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The Skate Lab Trade-In Program

In addition to offering the latest, cutting-edge, new skate boots and blade technologies, the Skate Lab is committed to accommodating growing and advancing figure skaters with our trade-in program.

When it is time for new figure skates, trade in your gently-used ones and choose from our wide selection of new or previously-enjoyed figure skates. Our skilled and knowledgeable team can fit every skater with the perfect gear, new or used.

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The Skate Lab provides top quality figure skates, figure skating attire, and support services such as skate sharpening and spin training (vestibular training) to figures skaters in Calgary and surrounding areas. In fact, The Skate Lab is Alberta’s retailer catering solely to the figure skating community. Leverage our passion for the sport, our expertise in all things figure skating, and our years of experience skating competitively and coaching when you need equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Figure Skates & Attire

There is a science to dressing for optimal comfort and performance in the skating rink. It can be challenging to find durable, functional athletic wear that can provide sufficient warmth without impeding movement and execution, especially in Calgary. In the past, figure skaters in Calgary

Rotation Lab

Vestibular training is a key component of figure skating performance. Also known as spin training and rotational practice, vestibular training allows you to perfect your positioning for spinning in air (jumping) and on the ice surface. It is a system that facilitates balance, coordination,

Skate Sharpening

Skate sharpening is critical to every athlete’s performance on the ice. Each skater's unique foot and stride impacts how the skater glides along the surface of the ice. The most effective skate sharpening service will not only focus on how sharp the blade is, but the unique physi

Skate Sharpening FAQs

You should typically have your figure skate blades sharpened after skating 20-25 hours, and never leave it for more than 40 hours. If your skates are feeling dull, you notice nicks in your blades, you accidentally stepped on hard concrete or tile, or you notice any rust on your blades, you should take them for skate sharpening sooner. If you are unsure if your figure skates need sharpening, bring them into The Skate Lab and we can advise.

Taking good care of your figure skate blades will help keep them sharper for longer and prolong their overall life span. The team at The Skate Lab recommends:

  • Always dry your skate blades off after skating. Dry from the base plate all the way to the blade itself.
  • Always use soakers. These will absorb any remaining moisture and protect your blades from rusting.
  • Never walk on hard floor surfaces at the rink. Even a few steps can damage your blade. Hockey blades are typically made with harder steel than figure skating blades. That's why you'll often see hockey players walk to and from the ice with no guards on. Because they are softer, figure skate blades are more prone to nicks. So get those guards on!
  • Use hard guards to protect your blades.

Yes, these are completely different blades and require totally different machines. The blade profiles required for peak performance in hockey skates and figure skates require different sharpening techniques.

You should sharpen your blades one week ahead of your competition. If you don't feel like you need a full sharpening but would like a touch-up, you can come in and have a hand hone done. This will remove fine burrs and nicks.

For Figure Skaters, By Figure Skaters

For Figure Skaters, By Figure Skaters

The Skate Lab is Alberta’s only dedicated provider of figure skates and figure skating apparel, accessories, and support services like skate sharpening and spin training. The Skate Lab is locally owned, by figures skaters, and committed to providing the industry’s most advanced technologies for sharpening, the highest quality skate boots and blades, and the most advanced and stylish figure skating apparel to the figure skating community of Alberta.

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